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I’m Lieke, (pronounced LEE-ka) the face behind Executive Edge. Prior to establishing Executive Edge, I held the position as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for a large company within the health and financial services arena for 7 years. This role allowed me to refine my skills in project management, and master the communication of the company’s value propositions within the tender process. This ensured that messaging was clearly and effectively communicated.

I successfully contributed to revenue generation by securing business across both the private and public sector.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management, which has empowered me to strategically evaluate project management process, and when needed, challenge the status quo to find the best fit solution to challenges and opportunities.


Uncovering and harnessing viable business opportunities effectively takes a proactive, hands-on approach. My can-do attitude and laser focus has me rolling up my sleeves, getting my hands dirty and, most importantly, delivering on expectations.


I take a keen interest in fully understanding my clients business to ensure they gain tangible value from my services.

The building of relationships based on trust, commitment to transparency and open communication, as well as a solid business acumen, form the ethical foundation of my business.

I am an innate ‘list-maker’ with exceptional organisational skills, and my thought processes can be described as rational, analytical and methodical. These natural gifts allow me to be highly productive and professional, despite a heavily pressurised and deadline driven environment.

For a further breakdown of my service offering

Business Development & Communication Services Consultancy

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