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Business Development

Tender submission management and consulting

Executive Edge has in-depth knowledge of the full tender process combined with project management experience, and is therefore able to provide a full suite of services in the tenders and RFQ space. From sourcing of tender opportunities to managing the completion and submissions provides clients peace of mind that all elements of this process are taken care of. The tender services provided cover the following areas;

  • Bid analysis and feasibility evaluation

    Analysis of tender specification based on both mandatory and technical information required is completed. Feedback to the client based on feasibility of the opportunity and if they meet the necessary requirements to pursue the tender is provided.

  • Tender sourcing

    Tender requests and RFQ’s are proactively sourced based on clients’ specific products, services, strengths and suitability to required tender specifications.

  • Provision of timelines and action plan

    Tender/RFQ submission dates are not negotiable. To facilitate a timeous submission, the client is provided with timelines and an action plan with accountabilities for all involved to ensure relevant tasks are completed accordingly. Progress reports are provided regularly.

  • Risk identification and recommendations

    Any clauses, conditions of contract or pricing terms based on the tender specification which may pose a risk is identified. Recommendations for mitigation is provided.

  • Completion of mandatory documentation

    In consultation with the client, all mandatory tender documentation is completed in accordance to legislative requirements.


    All relevant company documentation is kept on file to ensure statutory information is valid and accurate.

  • Provision of structured templates and focus on evaluation criteria

    Tender requirements are specific. The evaluation criteria of a tender and how the bidder responds is critical in scoring process when the submission is evaluated. Executive Edge provide clients with a recommended approach through a structured template.


    The working document guarantees all criteria is incorporated and structured as per the tender specifications. A document that is not correctly structured may be thrown out of the tender process all together.


  • Content guidance and consolidation

    Positioning a clients’ differentiators and value proposition in a tender/RFQ submission is vital. However, not everyone can articulate this effectively in writing. Content in the submission needs to be positioned strategically to ensure that the entity requiring the service know what value they will be receiving should the client be the preferred supplier. Once basic content is provided by the client in the structured template, Executive Edge will word-smith, proofread and sanitise the submission.


    Executive Edge will consult with the client where gaps within the document is identified or where further elaboration is required. On completion of this process, a concise, accurate, logical and professional document will form part of the tender submission.


  • Maintenance of branding

    Ensuring client branding is consistent and correctly applied in all documentation submitted in the tender.

  • Collateral design

    Sourcing design of collateral (if required).

  • Packaging of tender submission

    Professionally package the tender submission on behalf of the client (if required). Further support in evaluation phases of procurement process such as response letters, presentations and site visit coordination is provided.


Market research and other business opportunities

Knowing your industry, your competitors, as well as finding networking opportunities takes time. Executive Edge provides market research services which allows the client to focus on their core business. Services include:


• Identification of networking opportunities for clients

• Lead identification

• Industry related articles and noteworthy news

• Competitor analysis

• Research of targeted industries/companies

• Supplier sourcing

• Research on topics as per client’s requirements


Registration services

Many organisation’s require companies to be registered on their supplier database or vendor portal.

To do any business with South African Government for instance, it is a pre-requisite to be registered on the Central Supplier Database, with all information being verified by various institutions. Registrations on these databases can be facilitated and maintained by Executive Edge.


Communication Services

Language quality assurance services

To be taken seriously in any business context, spelling, grammar, punctuation and clearly articulated content is of paramount importance. Executive Edge provides copy-editing, proofreading, word-smithing and document formatting services.

Writing services

Executive Edge manages press releases, and communications between a client and a 3rd party as well as the structuring and advise on strategic documentation.

Supplier sourcing

Executive Edge sources various suppliers for a range of service delivery.  Quality of service is non-negotiable and options will be presented to the client based on their specific requirements.


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